*Directions for purchase*

Click on the shopping cart icon for the photo you would like to purchase, it will ask you what you would like to do (just this photo, photos from gallery, create a card, or other products).  If you click "this photo" it then brings you to four choices (wall art, paper prints, keepsakes, phone cases).  If you would like a canvas print, click on wall art.  You can then choose what type of canvas you would like.  Descriptions and examples are available of each one.   

If you would like a high quality paper print, choose "Paper Prints".  There are multiple standard prints available as well as those hard to find sized prints.  

If you would like to create a card with the photo, click "create a card".  You can choose a flat 4x8 or a folded 5x7.  

If you would like to create a gift, click on keepsakes.  There are lots of options available!

contact me and I will be more than happy to do it for you.  I am just an email away!