Meet Sheri Griffin

            Hello everyone!  My name is Sheri, thank you for checking out my online gallery!  I am truly spoiled for living in this island life of mine.  I absolutely love the Florida Keys.  I grew up in upstate NY, outside of Albany.  I graduated high school, and I was actually going to college for Criminal Justice, when I decided to move down here to Islamorada.  I am so happy that I made the change.  Life is so exciting and beautiful here.  I truly admire the natural beauty of the islands, and that is what inspired me to learn photography.  Currently, I only do craft shows in the middle and upper keys.  Eventually, I would love to open up my own gallery.  I primarily shoot landscape photography, but I also enjoy working with people and shooting portraits.  Right now I only offer outside portrait sessions, preferably by or in the water, no studio.  If you're looking for a photographer that isn't afraid to get in the water...well, that's me!  

So, on my page you will find amazing photos of the Florida Keys; consisting of sunrises, sunsets, milky way, and other amazing views! All of my photos are available for purchase or download.  If you desire anything custom-please contact me personally.  Please enjoy my Photo Gallery and browse over my offered Services! Feel free to follow me on my many social media sites to follow me around the islands...  I look forward to working with you.